Domestic Scaffolding

Scaffolding Solutions For Home And Residential Projects

Scaffold Hire

Our scaffolds for home use and small projects in the Manchester area are designed to be easy to use, safe and convenient for the end user, perfect for all types of projects whether it be new build or maintenance.


We’re a family run business with years of experience in the industry and our services have been used on diverse projects such as exterior masonry repair and construction, roof construction, repair and replacement, window repair and replacement, floor and ceiling support, ceiling repair and replacement, interior and exterior repair, interior and exterior painting, statue construction and repair plus many other projects.


Here at Manchester Scaffolding we continually strive to deliver the most professional and efficient service we can to all our customers. Our domestic scaffolds are available throughout the North West at competitive rates whilst ensuring no loss on quality.

Domestic Scaffolding
Domestic Scaffolding

Here just some of the jobs we can help with:

  • Access scaffolding
  • Scaffold Towers
  • New build construction
  • Painting and decorating
  • Roof repair and replacement
  • Window repair and replacement
  • Brickwork and repointing
  • Access to chimney stacks
  • Building extensions
  • Guttering/fascia/soffit access
  • Stage scaffolding
  • and a whole host of other works …

If you’re in need of a professional scaffolding service, call 0161 883 3632